Full Day Wedding Photography Q&A’s

Wedding Photography Q&A’s

A few Q&A’s that might help you when looking at my full day wedding photography package!

Will you visit the venue beforehand to find the best photo spots?
Yes, I can do this. I like to allow lots of time on the day to see the available light/where is best to shoot at that time (sometimes this is difficult in advance), but equally happy to do a visit beforehand to check out the venue.

I would also consult with you if you had any locations at your venue that you really wanted pictures off/with.

What is included in the package you offer?
With my full-day package I offer a shoot before the day (so we can get to know each other better/calm nerves.)

Included is everything from prep to dancefloor. I do prep with either the bride or groom, normally this is the bride, but if you would like the groom that is fine. I am unable to cover both, but If you would like an extra photographer to cover this let me know.

What information do you need from us before the wedding day?
For booking – your names, addresses, telephone numbers and an emergency contact detail.

Ahead of the wedding day, I will send through a day in detail form so we can go over timings, all the important people, and much more – by then you will have your plans in place (exciting).

Will we be able to give you a list of specific shots?
Yes, and I will do my hardest to get them all for you, this is dependent on what you are after/if it is possible. I.e. making sure you get a picture of every one individually. But yes, will happily work with you to get the shots you want of your big day!

What time will you arrive at the venue?
I arrive a few hours before (around 3hrs) the ceremony (depending on where you are getting ready/travel involved between the venues). This will allow me to get the prep and get to the ceremony before the wedding to capture guests arriving, speak to the registrars, then get into place before the bride arrives.

I make sure there is time to get images in your dress with your bridesmaids etc.

What time will you stay until?
I will stay for the first dance and the start of the party, once I have some good shots of the party I will leave you to have fun.

Do we need to provide you with food?
Yes please, just to keep me going, I don’t need to sit with the party though.

What is your backup plan if you can’t attend on the day?
As a photographer, I have a network of other photographers that I can contact if this was to happen. There are also emergency contact groups for photographers, so somebody will step in right away if I was unable to attend.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I do indeed – I can provide this to you/the venue.

How much is the deposit and when do you need it by?
I ask for a £150 deposit on booking and the rest 1 month before.

Do you offer a payment plan?
I normally ask for a deposit and payment 1 month before the wedding, but happy to break it down if needed.

Roughly how many photos do you think will be produced?
A minimum of 400 for a full day but this is likely to be much higher. Every one of the images is viewed individually and as long as nobody is blinking in a photo you will be sent it in a beautiful gallery.

How long will it take for the pictures to be edited?
8 weeks max. With thousands of photos, it takes time to edit them down, I make sure they are perfect before sending.

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