Oh hey You! I'm Becky

I am a quirky photographer, based in Berkshire but cover Suffolk too (My home county!).

I love photographing couples that do things a bit differently; who can’t wait to see their uni mates and family, eat good food and drink, have good conversation and celebrate in style to some great music. I can’t wait to meet you, talk about you and make your day memorably YOU, capturing your stories.

I absolutely LOVE the sea and embrace any chance to spend time strolling along the seafront. We (my husband and I) spend a lot of summers in Cornwall – I love it. There isn’t any sea in Berkshire but I do love living right near the river and going on long walks to Sonning (mainly to go to the pub for some grub) and one day I will own a kayak (if you manifest it will happen right?).

I really like the UK – some of my fave places are Suffolk, Bristol, London, Norwich, Cornwall and Brighton. Basically anywhere that has little quirky places.

I am a do-er, yep, I love being busy, exploring and meeting people. I am an extrovert as I 100% get my energy from others, I love to be the peacock at the party.

I am a MASSIVE foodie and love sampling the latest breweries in Reading, food markets, and finding new and interesting places to try. Oh and I LOVE Rick Stein. I am mostly pescatarian but sometimes stray for a good burger…

I studied Illustration at University and still make art today! Creativity is my form of meditation, colour is always a big deal for me, I love it. If anyone wants to talk art I am 100% game.

I <3 fashion – anything alternative. My best bargains are always found in charity shops/car boots with my sister. I just love that you don’t know what you are going to find – my best one was my wedding dress which I brought for £5 from H&M (sale)…YES, you read that right.

I have four tattoos, a peacock feather, art deco style stars, botanical flowers, and a shell – I am hoping to get more, watch this space!

If you got to the end of this well done! Brownie points for you, give me a follow on my personal @becki_megan_adams to get to know me better and let’s chat.

Berkshire, Suffolk & beyond!

Good Times and Colourful Memories