Unique ways to add colour to your wedding

Hey, I see you’re looking for some easy and unique ways to incorporate colour into your day without it looking OTT? Here are some tips and advice to make your wedding full of wonderful colour:

1. Colourful Flowers

A super easy way of adding colour is to add bright and bold flowers to your bouquet and floral arrangements – and why not save a few for your cake! Opt for vibrant options like peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus in shades of pink, orange, yellow, and purple – ask your florist, they will be happy to help you with this!

2. Colourful wedding outfits

Make a statement with colourful outfits for you and your wedding party. Consider wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, a colourful veil, or maybe just a statement pair of shoes. Your bridal and groom party can get involved too by wearing various complementary shades or mix-and-match colours for a fun and eclectic look.

Colourful bridal party at a wedding

3. Colourful Decor

Use linens, table runners and napkins to add pops of colour. Choose bright and lively colours that complement your overall wedding theme and style.

Dave and Claire small colourful wedding Stroud

4. Colourful Stationery

Set the tone with vibrant and eye-catching wedding invitations. Incorporate bold patterns, designs, or playful typography in your invitation suite to reflect your wedding colour palette.

5. Colourful Food and Drinks

Wow your guests with colourful food and drinks. Serve up signature cocktails in hues that match your wedding colour palette, and consider adding colourful garnishes like edible flowers or fruit slices.

6. Colourful Ceremony Backdrop

Create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony with colourful ribbons, streamers, or fabric panels. Hang them from a frame or arch to add visual interest and a pop of colour to your ceremony space.

7. Colourful Confetti

Make your exit from the ceremony extra with a shower of colourful confetti. Choose biodegradable options in an array of colours for an eco-friendly and visually stunning send-off.

8. Colourful Exit Transportation

Depart from your wedding in style with a colourful exit transportation option, such as a vintage convertible adorned with ribbons and flowers or a brightly decorated bicycle built for two.

9. Smoke bombs

For couple and group pictures consider using a smoke bomb. Not only does it look great, it brings a candid feel to formal group photos.

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