Natural posing – what to expect from your couple portraits 

Nobody, well most people, don’t like having their photo taken, it is a common topic that is brought up between my couples during our pre-wedding calls. Posing doesn’t need to be cheesy or unnatural, therefore I have put together this short little blog to put your mind at ease. 

First of all, my top tips for couple photos and feeling like a natural in front of the camera: 

  • Trust me/your photographer and let them direct you 
  • It’s a chance to have some alone time on your wedding day – embrace it 
  • It’s okay to be nervous, but I will tell you what to do and will be with you all the way 
  • Always be touching or ABC! This is soooooo important – you need to connect with each other 
  • Keep moving, dance, sway be silly – it makes for beautiful natural images 
  • Don’t look at the camera (unless told!) 
  • Try and keep hands occupied – in pockets or ideally touching your partner 
  • Get close, and be in the moment, you have just got married and it is fine to hug, kiss and get close 
  • Try to forget you are being photographed  
  • Schedule in your couple shots after dinner when you have had a few drinks 
  • Do a couple shoot beforehand to learn how it feels to be in front of the camera and work with your photographer
  • Have a laugh! 

Now you have a feel for what I do, let’s move on to my go-to shots: 

Walking/Walking away 


Heads together and close eyes


Classic standing together 

Looking away 

Close up of details 


Get close

Candid shots

Natural laid back wedding at Hurley House Hotel in Henley on Thames countryside

See there is nothing to be worried about! couple portraits are a great time to spend some quality time with each other and get away from the hustle and bustle of a day, have some fun, and be in the moment. I promise you it will be worth it. 

Becky x 

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