How to plan a relaxed Wedding Day

Don’t want to spend all your wedding day working through a relentless timeline? Maximise the time with your guests by following this guide on how to plan a relaxed wedding day:

Remove unwanted parts of the day

It sounds simple, but often we think we need things like a cake cut or a first dance. Well I am here to tell you you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Why not just enjoy spending that time with your guests? Instead of a first dance why not get everyone on the dancefloor with a group pic to include your evening guests, then bang on the tunes and dance the night away.

Have two slots for photos: one in the day, one in the eve!

Keep your couple photos short and sweet by organising two slots, 30 mins in the day and a quick 15 mins in the evening. This gives your photos variety just from the different times of day, you might even get some beautiful sunsets or golden light! In the evening you tend to be more relaxed, and having two slots means you won’t be away from guests for very long and still get the benefit of slipping away for some photos.

Keep groups to a minimum and have ad-hoc group photos

Think really hard about your must-have group photos. I recommend having a big group photo of all your guests and then around 5-6 groups. Trust me, group photos can be tiring so keep this to a minimum and have some ad-hoc groups with guests throughout the day as that naturally happen. If you do pick me as your photographer I come armed with tips and handy advice on what group shots you should consider.

Pick a venue that does it all! Ceremony and reception

Going from venue to venue eats up time and can lead to delays from traffic etc, so if you can it is good to pick a venue that does it all or a venue that is near to your ceremony.

Have a Celebrant

Celebrants are much more personal than other services and really feel part of the flow of your day. This is a great way to keep things super relaxed in the way you want to.

Lean on your suppliers – they know best!

You have hired or will hire these guys for a reason. Talk to them before, and then on the day trust them and be in the moment.

Take Time for Each Other

Plan moments throughout the day to spend alone with your partner. Whether it’s a private first look, getting ready together, or viewing your reception before guests, these moments can help you connect and be present on the day.

Drinks reception

Give yourself lots of buffer time at your drinks reception. Lots of my couples tend to do the following:

  • Ceremony
  • Confetti
  • Large group photo
  • Groups
  • Couples photos

If time, build some time to go get a drink and mingle with your guests between groups and couple photos. Schedule your couples photos at the end of your drinks receptions to give yourself maximum time with your friends and family.

Book a relaxed photographer

This is a supplier that will be with you most of the day, normally from prep to the dancefloor. So choose a photographer who knows what you want, that you get along with, that is relaxed in their style and approach, and then trust them on the day.


I hope these tips help you plan a relaxed wedding day. If you would like to get to know me, contact me or see more relaxed weddings, click on those links below.